A Conversation with Myself, Just Aloud and with Another Person: Blogger Date with What Would a Nerd Wear

See?  We're freakishly happy about being friends.

I apologize for how happy we look about being friends.

I know it can be obnoxious when bloggers blather on about how great other bloggers are.  It often appears either sycophantic and disingenuous or self-congratulatory and braggy-pants-y.  I really do get it.  But you’ll have to forgive me, because I’m about to be really obnoxious and talk about how straight-up awesome, ballin’ outrageous, killer fun it was to spend the day with Tania of What Would a Nerd Wear.

Book nerdin' it up at Powell's.

Book nerdin' it up at Powell's.

Orange jumpsuits at H&M.  We rocked those things like mad.

Orange jumpsuits and straw fedoras at H&M. We rocked those things like mad.

Trying to save my scarf from death on the train tracks.  I failed.

Trying to save my scarf from death on the train tracks. I failed.

Our love began over snarky academic jokes on Twitter and blossomed into real friendship over lunch wine, political indignation, book stalking, and donning day-glo jumpsuits at H&M.  I knew I was looking at a life commitment when at lunch it took three visits from the waitress before we stopped jabbering long enough to open our menus.  We talked about blogs, Derrida, dissertation topics, the suspicious “long noun” and representations of madness and gender in Jane Eyre…and that was just in the first 30 minutes.

A Conversation: skirt (thrifted, $1), top (stolen and therefore free), belt (thrifted, $3), boots (random, $30), socks (forgot, but they were obviously cheap).

A Conversation: skirt (thrifted, $1), top (stolen and therefore free), belt (thrifted, $3), boots (random, $30), socks (forgot, but they were obviously cheap).

I’ve been fortunate to meet and come to know a few other fantastic bloggers, but spending the day with Tania was especially awesome.  We live such similar lives, split between style blogging, book nerding and academic contemplation.  So much of our conversations were akin to my own rambling, just aloud and with another person.  Sometimes it’s really fantastic to talk to the J. Crew-model version of yourself.  :)

Holding a 1940's book of medical drawings that I got from Powell's free box.  Score!!

Holding a 1940's book of medical drawings from Powell's free box. Score!! Ring: H&M, $5ish

Bye bye, T!

Bye bye, T!

Have you had the chance to meet and jam with other bloggers?  Any great experiences you want to share?  It’s only fair that I allow some payback after all this rhapsodizing.  :)

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30 thoughts on “A Conversation with Myself, Just Aloud and with Another Person: Blogger Date with What Would a Nerd Wear

  1. Louise says:

    This is amazing. You and Tania do have such similar spirits ( I can tell that just by reading both your wonderful blogs!) I hope I get to meet you both someday!

    That skirt was made for you– simply perfect.

  2. I had a blast eating brunch with Clare (beignets for the win!) last summer, and I absolutely fell in love with Rebekkah of Jaunty Dame and Raych of Books I Done Read when I met them both last month. Because I try (sort of) to keep my location a secret, it’s harder for me to meet people because most of the time you don’t know where I am (although there are enough clues that, if you really wanted to, you could figure it out).

    • Emily says:

      You’re so mysterious, Katie. But you know, it’s probably good that you don’t really tell, because otherwise you’d have tons of people appearing at your door saying, “Teach me something cool! Now make me laugh!” And that could get annoying.

  3. I, for one, do not find posts about bloggers meeting at all, what did you call it, something braggy-pantsy? Does that mean I’m not jealous? Heck no. I’m usually crazy jealous. I love that this little {okay, big} community of ours really does cultivate friendships. Glad you 2 grad school lovelies loved each other IRL as much as BRL {that’s blog real life}.

    • Emily says:

      I feel the same about the community. It’s oddly comforting, to know there are so many awesome women out there, even if I only mostly see them on a little screen.

  4. Tanvi says:

    Looks like you guys had a good time together! :) I have met a few bloggers … with few I connect with others it feels more like an interview [I wouldn't disclose who :P] …. but when you connect … it is mind blowing ! :)

    ♡ from © tanvii.com
    Apothica Giveaway

  5. Ellen says:

    Ahhhhhh, I’m so jealous! You are, without a doubt, my two favorite bloggers. And now you’re friends?! Please, please, invite me, too! :)

  6. Aliyah says:

    I second the jealousy and the love of you both. I wish we could have a huge “bloggers and blog readers!” party in Chicago!!!

  7. Linley says:

    ah, so jealous of your time with tania!! looks like you two had a blast! alabama needs more awesome bloggers.

  8. Rebecca says:

    You two are adorable. Anyone who will wear an orange jumpsuit is good in my book.

  9. Jess says:

    I haven’t met any bloggers, nor am I one myself, but I wish I had and I was I were after reading this post. You two are so cute and having such a good time. And I love your skirt!!

  10. caffeinerd says:

    I know I’ve only hung out with you both a couple o’ times, but this makes me miss you both a whole lot!! Looks like an absolutely excellent day. And I love your action-saving-scarf shot (sorry it didn’t make it!).

    • Emily says:

      You’re so close, we HAVE to hang out more! It’s just not right! And it was an absolutely excellent day. :)

  11. Clare says:

    Supah-SWEET! I’m bummed I missed it, of course, but it looks like you guys had a rad time.

  12. Ashley says:

    What a cute little blogger date! I’ve never had one…but someday I will, dang it. :)

    I love the “you in action” photo. Poor scarf. :( RIP.

  13. meagan says:

    um, holy shit. how am i just now finding out about this blog? you live in chicago and like fashion and are not an idiot. thank god someone else exists in this city that isn’t a douchebag.

  14. YAY this was the best day ever!!! your post does such better justice to it than mine…and that last photo….just priceless. my fingers are hugely hugely crossed for christopher to get the chicago job and then we can be friends in real life all the time.
    glad your handsome beau got some waterfront pictures of your awesome outfit, even though i’m pretty partial to the mid-scarf-rescue picture, myself.

  15. MONKEYFACE says:

    I’m happy for you guys. :) It hasn’t bothered me (YET) when other bloggers gush about meeting one another, but maybe that’s just b/c I am a judiciously discerning blog reader. How could all you ladies NOT be amazing in the flesh?! I buy what you’re selling.

  16. I love you both, so I’m so glad things went so well when you met. The jumpsuit photos are pretty priceless. :)

    I actually haven’t met any bloggers IRL yet (I feel like most meetups are in Atlanta, which is about 2 hours away), but I have made closer relationships with high school acquaintances who started fashion blogging. Meeting up with them after we discovered that we both had blogs was like a second chance at becoming friends.

  17. jentine says:

    I knew I should have tried the day glo suit on… some money from those suits were for charity…which is sad, cause who’s gonna buy them?
    Anywho… I am glad that I have your firm endorsement of Tania. I was worried she would be a snob…hahha. I kid. Of course she is cool beans! Tiny twinge of gel-us-c (yeah, check my spelling there…).

    • Emily says:

      Convenient how the AIDS suits were so hideous no one would buy them, right? And yes, Tania=fully endorsed. No joke. And we’re both snobs and so are you, so it works. ;)

  18. hahahahhhaa LOVE these photos, the two of you crack me up. I especially love the orange jumpsuit and fedora photo and my eyes are pleased with the outfit you wore. I need to try mixing prints more like you’ve done here.

  19. Janna says:

    Love both your outfits and how much fun it looks,like you had. Thanks for sharing!!

  20. Emily Avent says:

    This post carked me up! I love the pic of you trying to save your scarf! Oh, how I laughed!

  21. I’m so glad you guys had a great time together. That pic of you guys in the hats/jumpsuit is so adorable.

  22. QueenAnne says:

    Emily+Tania is the best blogger due ever! Well, maybe it’s as good as Emily and Archives. But really, your all so lucky. Your two of my favorite bloggers ever, so I’m so glad you got to meet and be friends! And ot wear such pretty clothes together!

  23. Kayla M. says:

    Yay for blog friends! You’re both so cute and obviously so smart. Can we be friends, too? :)

  24. kelsey says:

    Awesome. Sad I missed out on a good Jane Eyre conversation!

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